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About us: DPS-Promatic srl is an italian company, based in Forli, that designs and manufactures electronic machines and was founded by Massimo Portolani in 1981. DPS-Promatic srl specializes in Coin-Operated machines, People Weighing scales, Blood Pressure machines, Weather stations and other GSM remote controls. All our products are designed and assembled in Italy.

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Body Weight coin operated scales  
Weighing Scales and Blood Pressure monitors
  • BWS-XB coin-operated scale with ticket, height meter and BMI calculation
  • FTS-HC scale with height meter and BMI calculation
  • FTS-A and FTS-C people weighing scales
  • FTS-L coin-operated luggage weighing scale
  • ATP-XA automatic professional Blood Pressure Machine with colour display and touch-screen
  • ATP-XB automatic professional Blood Pressure Machine with blu display
  • ATP-XM professional Blood Pressure Meter with printer
GSM devices FAQs GSM devices miscellanea GSM gate opener, SMS printer, gsm/gprs autonomous weather station
Weather stations and other GSM devices
  • AWS-X Weather meteo autonomous station GSM/GPRS
  • GTR GSM/GPRS temperature, humidity, dew point monitor and frost alarm
  • ICE Alert GSM/GPRS Temperature monitor and alarm
  • TCS-Printer II SMS printer with feed-back buttons
  • TCX-Easygate universal GSM gate opener with mobile phone
  • TCX-Easycontrol easy to use 1 input, 1 output GSM controller
  • TCX-INTERCOM high quality GSM Intercom
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Family entertainment machines
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