AWS-X data packet description

AWS-X weather stations send data to the internet as UPD packets.
Received data can be stored in a database for later retrieval. We provide this description of the packet, to allow programmers to develop their own sites, if they want. We also provide the opportunity of using our servers, for free with a limited, not guaranteed service or for an annual fee at different prices according to the level of service requested.

Packet Format
Packets are in NMEA format. Packet identifier is $DPTAW. The packet starts with this identifier. All subsequent parameters are sent in ascii, comma separated. Packet ends with a star * and a 1 byte checksum, computer as exclusive OR of all characters, including commas, but not including $ and *.
An example follows:
A more detailed explanation follows:

Parameter name Parameter description Parameter type Example
header Packet identifier 6 characters $DPTAW
yyyy/mm/dd date in yyyy/mm/dd format 4 digits, 2 digits, 2 digits 2019/11/08
hh:mm time in hours:minutes (24 Hours) 2 digits (00-24),2 digits (00-59) 16:30
id Device identifier max 10 chars AWX_01
smsc SMS sent. 0 to 9999 558
si Sampling Interval: from 2 to 60 minutes 2 to 60. 60
was Wind Average Speed in Sampling Interval in km/h integer 0
Air pressure Air pressure in Millibar.

integer 1016
wmins Minimum wind speed in sampling interval in km/h integer 0
wgust Wind gust over a 3 second interval in sampling interval in km/h integer 11
dwgust daily wind Gust (0-24). In km/h. integer 11
leaf Leaf Wetness

integer 0 (wet) - 15 (dry) 15
wdir Wind direction in degrees integer 0 - 359 (0=N,90=E,180=S,270=W) 204
wdsd Standard deviation of wind direction. 0 means stable. integer 10
sun Solar Radiation in W/m2 integer from 0 (dark) to 1531 300
temp Average air temperature in sampling interval Number with 1 decimal, from -25.0 to 99.9 25.0
dmintemp Minimum daily air temperature Number with 1 decimal, from -25.0 to 99.9 12.0
dmaxtemp Maximum daily air temperature Number with 1 decimal, from -25.0 to 99.9 32.0
SoilT Soil temperature
Number with 1 decimal, da -25.0 a 100.0 26.0
rf Rainfall in sampling interval mm. Multiples of 0.2 mm 0.2
drf Daily Rainfall in mm Multiples of 0.2 mm 0.6
Soilw Soil moisture, as water potential in centibar

Integers from 0 (wet) to 200 (dry)

dp Dew Point in degrees centigrade. Numbers with 1 decimal -3.2
rh average value of RH in sampling interval Numbers with 1 decimal, from 0.0 to 100.0 77.4
dminrh Minimum daily RH Numbers with 1 decimal, from 0.0 to 100.0 73.0
dmaxrh Maximum daily RH Numbers with 1 decimal, from 0.0 to 100.0 81.0
pwtype Power type: E= Solar Panel. B=Battery. 1 character: E or B. B
battvolt Battery Voltage Numbers with 1 decimal 12.6
checksum Checksum. All characters between $ e * (not including them). XOR of values. * asterisk with an hexadecimal byte represented in ascii as 2 characters *F8
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