In these years it seems difficult to find a job, that for most people means finding somebody who hires you, so you can sleep well and have a constant income, until the day they fire you! A little bit like the chicken, that everyday gets its food, but one day will end up in the pot instead ;-) Why don't start thinking differently instead? why don't start up a healthy business, without having a boss, to flavour some freedom?

DPS-Promatic machines installed in different locations DPS-Promatic machines installed in different locations
Start your own business with Body Weight scales

Body Weight scales are a good opportunity because they have the following advantages:

  • Reliable machines that provide a service, not a game or something trendy that fades
  • A service needed by the majority of the population, in these fat days
  • A service that usually finds no obstacles in laws and rules
  • A service for the good of other people, charging a honest amount for a honest service
  • Low initial investment
  • Long life of the machines, that do not go out of fashion. Normally a scale can be used for over 10 years without any sensible cost of maintenance.

DPS-Promatic coin-operated scales are ideal for places where people are passing-by, without any hurry, maybe shopping or just walking for fun. Ideal locations are shopping centers, pharmacies and tourist promenades. The places to avoid are locations where people are loaded with bags or are in a hurry. Supermarkets where people go to buy food are usually not a good location. Usually people buy food always in a hurry and usually after the cashier they have bags, so places after the cashiers line are never a good place.

What type of income can you expect from a Body Weight scale?

It much depends on the country and the period of time. In Italy, in the late eighties, a scale could make 500 dollars a week. Now our customers are happy with 250 Euro (300 dollars) a month. Anyway there are still countries where you can do much more than this, for example developing countries are doing very well because they don't have the abundance of technology that developed country have. You should plan for the worst, that is at least 200 dollars a month. You can pay for the rent an average of 40% of the income, that is 80 dollars. In 12 months you can make a profit of 2400-960=1440 dollars. A good machine, like the BWS-XB, will cost you about 2600 dollars, for at least 10 pcs. The minimum life span of the machine is 10 years. This means that you will have 14400 dollars of profit, that is a return on the investment of almost 20% a year. Something not easy to find in any honest investment these days. Another reason why investing in scales is precisely because they provide a slow but constant income. They are not like some games who will make a huge amount of money in 3 months and then nothing. Those are extremely risky and dangerous investment. A scale is a long term reliable business opportunity! Don't hesitate to contact us in case you need any further information.