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DPS-Promatic legacy products
DPS-Promatic srl is an italian company which started manufacturing electronic machines in 1981. In the past 30 years we have developed many products. Some of them, including this one, have become obsolete. This page provides the information of the legacy product, now obsolete, and the link to the NEW PRODUCT that has similar characteristics.

  M A D E   I N  I T A L Y  

Legacy Product: GMI
New product: We will develop custom solutions. Contact us.

DPS-Promatic has always made reliable electronics for difficult situations: Amusement parks, with voltage fluctuations vending machines that require safe and easy to use interaction with customer, weighing scales and blood pressure monitors which must be accurate and safe, telecom control system that must use the latest smd technology... if you need to safely count the money your machine makes, rely on DPS-Promatic experience, use the GMI totalizer!

Problems accepting money? solve them with DPS-Promatic GMI (General Money interface)!

If you are an operator you probably do it for money and money control is one of the most important parts of your business. No matter how good and beautiful your machine is, if you don't have a reliable and flexible way of accepting money, you will lose part of them, either because they haven't been accepted or because there is no clear and safe way to control machine income.
GMI is a de-luxe solution for your problems, it may look expensive, if compared with the cheap solutions installed in most vending machines or kiddie rides, but it will pay for itself very quickly instead.
Imagine having the opportunity of changing the price as you like, interfacing any acceptor you like, have any possible counter, all these features in a 4 layers SMD board, with a high degree of noise immunity.

If you are a vending machines operator you may even think to use this board to convert any cheap G13 compatible acceptor into a more expensive Executive or MDB acceptor.
With the IRDA option, you may go in front of your machine with an infra red remote control and read counters and change parameters at the touch of a button.

You can actually design an automatic machine using the GMI board. Standard version will fit most requirements, but we can also make custom versions for at least 100 pcs.

What is the most important part of your machine? The money interface. Get a good one: DPS-Promatic GMI.
Problems accepting money? solve them with DPS-Promatic GMI (General Money interface)!

Technical Specifications:
  • 8 Inputs for coin and bill acceptors
  • 2 vend relays with progrmmable pulse length (50ms-1000 ms)
  • 2 selection buttons with lamps
  • mechanical counter with programmable count module
  • 1 counter each input (total 8)
  • 2 money counter (total and since-last-collection)
  • 2 vend counters
  • Channel values and vend prices easily programmable
  • Real time clock
  • Currency indication programmable (USD,EURO,HKD etc.)
  • Optional IRDA compatible interface
  • Optional connection to our GSM remote controls for easy remote management
  • Optional EXECUTIVE protocol
  • Optional MDB protocol
  • Optional EVA-DTS protocol
  • Power: 12 to 24 V AC or DC
  • 3 Display types available: LCD 2x16 characters on board, satellite, satellite protected

      All this in a 10x10 cm 4 layers SMD board. This is an industrial product that you can install in all your vending machines.
      Our GMI will handle perfectly your coin or bill acceptors and will provide you with a flexible way to change prices and to monitor your machines. If you connect it to our Easycontrol GSM remote control you will be able to monitor entirely your business from everywhere. Check how much your machine make while laying on the beach!
      We have more than 20 years of experience in coin operated machines. We know how to interact with people and we can make devices that work with electrical noise and shaky power lines.
      The cash system is the heart of your business, do not compromise with quality, choose the best, choose DPS-Promatic GMI!

      Euro currency is offering amazing opportunities, grab them making your machine more flexible! accept all kind of coins! use DPS-Promatic GMI (General Money Interface)

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