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TCX-EasyGate: GSM Gate opener
TCX-Easygate is a box where you insert a GSM SIM and connect to the opening button of your electric gate. You send commands to it with SMS text messages protected by a password. Using SMS text messages (or an optional computer connection) you program into it the telephone numbers that have the permission to open the gate. When a telephone calls the Easygate, it checks if this number is in the list. If yes, it clicks a relay that will open the gate. If not it will hang up the call. The unit will never answer the call, so there will be no charge. This unit is ideal for houses or small complexes to avoid buying multiple remote controls, it provides extra security because it cannot be cloned as most remote controls, it can open from a greater distance and makes it easy to add or remove people from the list. Everybody has a mobile phone, let it become an universal remote control!

The version we supply since 2010 has some important new features:
  • WHO LIST: allows to see who are the last numbers who opened the gate
  • 2 Versions: STANDARD with 64 numbers and PRO with 300 numbers
  • 4 Band modem: to work everywhere in the world with GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • WHLX command: to add a new number to the first free place in the list

  •   TCX EasyControl
    If, besides opening a gate you need to send an ALARM, the device that may suite you is the TCX-Easycontrol that has the same functions plus an Input.

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    Easygate GSM gate opener

    How does the TCX-Easygate work?

    TCX EasyGate incorporates a MC55i, Quad Band professional industrial grade GSM engine that receives calls as any ordinary GSM phone. Just to give an example, if your SIM has a phone number 445-1234968, that is the number you have to call to open the gate. TCX EasyGate has a memory where you will store the numbers of people enabled to open your gate (up to 64 for Lite and 300 for PRO) When TCX EasyGate receives a call, it will check the calling number and if the number is in the list you have prepared it will reject the call and open the gate. It is also possible to use '?' (interrogation mark) as special characters. Entering 777-456123? will give access to any number from 777-4561230 to 777-4561239. UP


    Does it work with any electric gate?

    Yes. All electric gates have a button that is used to open them. TCX EasyGate has a relay whose contact has to be connected to the opening button. Actually it 'pushes' the button in your place.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: it is important that your gate closes automatically. Do not use the Easygate to open a door that must be closed manually! UP  

    Does it cost me anything to use my phone to open my gate?

    TCX Easygate doesn't answer the call, it simply checks the caller ID. Your network must send the caller ID otherwise TCX Easygate won't work. Usually operators don't charge until you answer the call, so it won't cost you anything to open the gate with TCX Easygate.
    Of course you need to have an active SIM inside it, and this may have a monthly fee regardless of the calls.
    Check your local operators for these details.

    What is the maximum working distance?

    TCX EasyGate doesn't have limitations like a normal remote control. It is really convenient and safe to arrive in front of your house when the gate is already open, without having to wait in the middle of the road, maybe in a dangerous high traffic area. You can also provide access to people temporarily, and remove them at your convenience with an SMS. Of course you must remember that this has also arise some problems because you may open by mistake being far away (maybe with nobody home). For this reason we recommend to open only when you know you will enter or you may see your gate.

    How can I enable different phone numbers to open my gate?

    To store a number, you simply send an SMS, that starts with a password, to TCX EasyGate, indicating the phone number to enable, and its position in the list.
    You can even choose to use the WHLX command, that will find automatically the first empty place in the list. Numbers are stored in TCX EasyGate memory and not on the SIM. This prevents somebody from removing the SIM to copy all the numbers into a mobile phone.
    Only the one who knows the password can insert or delete enabled phone numbers.
    For faster operation you can order from us a special Active RS232 cable to connect the TCX-easygate to your PC and input numbers, though it is not needed for normal uses. UP  

    How many different phones can open the gate?

    TCX EasyGate LITE accepts up to 64 full numbers. TCX EasyGate PRO accepts up to 300 Numbers. It is also possible to use '?' (interrogation mark) as a catchall character.
    Entering 777-456123? will give access to any number from 777-4561230 to 777-4561239.
    For applications where low secutiry is needed like a common entrance barrier, you can disable the number check, so TCX Easygate will open to any call.
    A note about using too many numbers: we have developed the PRO version because of the requests, but we do not recommend it. This is due to the fact that with too many numbers you need a more sophisticated way of handling them, you need a much more expensive computer and a database, where you can easily set and check permissions. Using a simple and low-cost unit like this, you need to keep a separate list and it is highly probable that you will make mistakes and leave numbers you don't want anymore, or erase numbers that you shouldn't erase, and this will compromise security. UP  

    What else do I need besides TCX EasyGate?

    You need only a valid SIM card (Note: a GSM SIM that can accept voice calls, not a UMTS USIM and not a DATA SIM!! check with your operator!).
    Install TCX EasyGate, insert SIM, program enabled numbers and you are ready to go.

    Is it difficult to install it?

    You need to connect the 2 wires that come out of the box in parallel with the Gate push button.
    Connect it to AC power ( 230V 20VA), insert SIM and start programming numbers (12 numbers can be programmed with only one SMS).
    Installing TCX EasyGate is simple for anybody with enough technical skills.
    Otherwise you need to find a qualified electrician to do the job.

    What is the warranty? How long does it take to receive it?

    Warranty is 1 year. Delivery is within 2 weeks from order.

    A note about this product: DPS-Promatic started manufacturing TCS-Easygate, a GSM gate opener, in 2001. Since then, many companies have started doing the same, sometimes copying our device, or at least copying its commands, so we can claim to have established a standard! In some of these companies websites it is possible to see our pictures, taken from our site without permission. We have tried to make a good device, and our customers are quite happy with the ones we sold. Today it is possible to find similar products for a price that doesn't allow us even to buy the parts to make it. This is possible only using obsolete parts or used parts. We are not interested in participating in this race to the bottom, and will continue offering a good product at what we consider to be a just price, that enables us to provide a reliable unit and continue to be able to provide service and support. It is important to remember that when you connect a device like this to your gate, you must trust it, because it actually opens your gate!

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