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TCX-Easycontrol: GSM remote control

  TCX EasyControl
  • 1 input with optocoupler
  • 1 output with a relay
  • Optional Battery backup to send alarms even without power
  • Optional Temperature probe with Temperature Alarm and thermostat function
  • Includes the Easygate function

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Easygate GSM gate opener
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TCX-Easycontrol is the simple ideal solution for most of the problems that can be solved with a GSM remote control.
  • You need to send an alarm from your home alarm system to your phone by SMS?
  • You want to receive an SMS after a certain number of event have occurred?
  • You want to be warned when at home there is no power?
  • You want to switch on an irrigation plant?
  • You want to control temperature with heating or cooling?
  • You want to reset a remote computer server?

  • For all of these problems and many others, TCX-Easycontrol is the just price reliable solution.

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