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AWX weather station flash logger instructions
AWX weather station can have an optional Data Logger option that records 7280 records with all weather data. If the station is equipped also with the voice synt option the total number of records is only 3640.
If the station is set with a sampling interval of 60 minutes, this allows for a total of 303 days logged (half if Voice Synt installed).
Data are stored on flash eprom and will last at least 10 years even if no power is applied to the station.
Data are stored in packets exactly as they would be sent in the internet via GPRS.
IMPORTANT: as data will be stored with date and time, it is very important that the clock is properly set. You can do this using the SMS command #SCT, that syncs the internal clock to the network using the SMS time stamp. Or you can set the clock manually, either via serial command or SMS with the command #RTC where you set the currect date and time: i.e. #RTC12/02/10,15:35:00
It is also important that the sampling interval is set as you want. If you want data sampled every 10 minutes you need to set it with the command #DSI10.
Wrong clock setting or wrong DSI setting will make your data unusable later.

List of commands of the flash data logger

#FLE:Flash Logger Enable
  • #FLE1 to enable the data logger
  • #FLE0 to disable the data logger
  • #FLE? to retrieve the actual condition Note:If there is a problem (i.e. data logger full), will read FLE=2
  • Can be sent by SMS? YES

  • #FLR:Flash Logger Read
  • #FLRx , with x=integer between 0 and 7279 (or 3639 if there is the Voice Synt installed)
    Reads 1 record at 9600 baud. It is recommendable to read the entire buffer with command FFD
  • Can be sent by SMS? NO

  • #FFD:Fast Flash Dump
    Reads all buffer at 57600 baud. Issue the command FFD at 9600 baud, then switch the serial of the PC to 57600 and then issue the letter 'S' to start the dump.
    Can be sent by SMS? NO

    #FLD:Flash Logger Delete
    Erases completely the Data Logger Buffer
  • #FLDFLD to ERASE COMPLETELY the data logger
    Note: FLD must be issued twice to be sure that this is what you want to do. The first instance can be 'fld'. lower case, but the second must be capital letters. that is #fldFLD
  • Can be sent by SMS? NO

  • Where and how to connect the PC serial port to access data logger
    PC must be connected to the AWX Serial Port (NOT to the TCX board) to access data logger.See picture.
    Connect using hyperterminal or similar at 9600 baud, NO parity, 2 stop bits. You need to have local echo enabled if you want to see what you type.
    Press Enter, the unit will answer with 'hello!', type 'menu', the unit will show the interface to the operating system that will allow issuing commands.
    All commands must be preceded by a #, as shown above.

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