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Example of data sent to a server in the internet with UPD packets
AWS-X weather station has GPRS connectivity and can send data to a IP address in the internet. These data can be then stored by a local application, using a Data Base, like for example MySql, and retrieved later using PHP.
In details this is the explanation of the AWS-X data:
  • DATE and TIME of when data were measured
  • SMSC: counter of the SMS sent by the station
  • SI: Sampling interval. Data are measured every minute and aggregated according to the sampling interval, that can go from 1 to 60.
  • WAS: WInd average speed
  • PRESS: Atmospheric air pressure in millibar
  • WMINS: Wind minimum speed in the SI interval
  • WGUST: Wind maximum speed in the SI interval
  • DWGUST: Daily wind maximum speed
  • LEAF: wetness. From 0=wet to 15=dry
  • WDIR: Wind direction in SI
  • WDSD: Wind Direction Variability. Form 0=steady to 15=variable
  • SUN: Solar radiation in W/Mq
  • TEMP: Air temperature average in SI
  • DMINTEMP: Minimum Daily Temperature
  • DMAXTEMP: Maximum Daily Temperature
  • SOILT: Soil Temperature
  • RF: Rainfall in SI
  • DRF: Daily Rainfall
  • SOILW: Soil moisture expressed as soil tension (0 (wet) - 200 (dry) Kpa)
  • DP: Dew point based on simplified calculation
  • RH: Relative humidity
  • DMINRH: Daily minimum Relative Humidity
  • DMAXRH: Daily Maximum Relative Humidity
  • PWR: Type of power supply. B=Battery, E=External
  • VBAT: Battery Voltage
  • gprs meteo data sent by AWS-X
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